Our day begins

Our Day Begins

Boarding Info & Daily Rates

Boarding Info & Daily Rates

Dog Facilities

Dog Facilities

Play Groups

Play Group



Our day begins...

Every day begins early at our kennels. Morning rounds are performed where we check on each pet giving them attention, treats and any medication they require. Each kennel block is cleaned and disinfected and each dog is given fresh water. Bedding is attended to and laundered as necessary.

Breakfast is then served as directed or required, as some pooches use much more energy in kennels than they do at home and may need an additional meal. Next, it is time for exercise and socializing! This is where we go about the fun task of making play time for your dog. Depending on your requests on admission and how your pet has been behaving, we try find a suitable playgroup for the smaller pooches or a playmate for the larger dogs. Don’t worry though, if we don’t have permission or your dog isn’t that sociable, your pet is automatically exercised individually.

During the day, we go about our tasks routinely checking to ensure each dog is clean, has plenty of fresh water and that their kennels are cleaned. This gives our staff plenty of opportunity to provide contact and movement for your pooch.
This is more important than one 10-minute walk on a lead. We consider all interaction just as much a vital part of daily care for your pets as providing a clean kennel and food, and you won’t ever be charged extra here... this part is our pleasure, and our passion!

Dinner is served around 5pm and all our pets are bedded down for the night with their treats and blankets. The doggie doors are closed, each block is locked, and we retire to the house to watch over our charges and our day ends...

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Boarding Info

Vaccination Requirements

A minimum of a C3 vaccination** is required. We will need to sight your pet's vaccination record prior to OR on the day of admission.

**It is recommended that yearly (1 year) vaccination is required for boarding environments. Tri-Annual (3 year) C3 vaccinations are accepted

Daily Rate

Here at Julie's Kennels, we don't like to charge extra for all those little tasks. Our daily rates are customised to suit your pets stay and inclusive of exercise, food, treats, accommodation and a bath day before going home.

Off-Peak Daily Rates (GST Inc): 2-7* day stay

Dogs, All-Sizes $37.50/day **

Multi-animal (2+ pets) and Length-of-stay (8+ days) discounts apply.
FIFO rates also available - please enquire for more information
*Peak-Period, Over-Night surcharges applicable.
**Minimum 2 day stay (Doggy Day Care not available)

Visit our Booking and Enquiry Portal to:
- Check Availability
- Submit a Booking Enquiry.
- Book Online!!

What's Included

When supplied with a quote, the daily rate includes the following:

General Care
During your dog's stay, we like to ensure they stay clean. As part of your booking package, dogs receive a bath prior to departure and for those longer stays, we routinely provide complimentary basic baths for dogs roughly every 7-10 days or sooner if required (medicated washes are separate).

Beds, bedding and toys are also supplied. You are welcome to bring your own but please remember we cannot fully guarantee items will be returned in the same condition we receive them in.

Food & Treats
Chicken and Rice is cooked fresh each day but we also have a wide variety of other food to offer. We also like to give out treats too for your pooch to chew on. If your dog is on a premium or prescribed diet that you prefer they remain on, you are encouraged to supply your dog’s food for us to continue with their diet at no extra cost.

Exercise & Playtime
We have 13 large pavilion runs onsite giving dogs plenty of room to chase a ball or play tug-of-war. When it comes to exercise and playtime, we cater for both those who prefer to spend their time with a human and those who love to play with other dogs. If your dog is can be socialized, we will try find a suitable playmate (or perhaps playgroups) of similar temperament and energy levels for your dog to play with.

The Extra's

Special Care Tasks
Administration of medication, medicated washes and other special care tasks are an extra nominal fee depending on condition.

Please speak to our staff regarding any special requirements for your pet.

Veterinary Care Tasks
Sometimes there is the need to seek veterinary assistance for matters arising during boarding and these are additional costs. We will attempt to contact you or the designated alternate contact before acting.

In cases of emergency and no-one is contactable, we will still act in the best interest of your pet to get them immediate care.

Currently Unavailable

Electronic Media
We are always happy to answer periodic email requests for updates on how your pet is doing but whilst photos of pets in boarding and social media updates are available, it is NOT INCLUDED in our boarding packages at this point in time. Please enquire for further information.

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Dog Facilities

Little Dog Wing
Onsite we have separate facilities to cater specifically for small dogs. This caters for the small, reserved, shy, timid, very young or the more senior citizens. It is close to the kitchen and grooming area which allows our staff to provide plenty of contact and attention. Best part is that is it a bit quieter than the main kennel area.

For your larger or perhaps more boisterous dogs that love to run around, we have our standard dog kennels. The kennels themselves are fully bricked on the inside with chain-mesh fencing on the outside. This provides a great balance of protection from the elements whilst giving your dog plenty of freedom to social with their next-door neighbour and spend time outside. We also have double kennels for families with more than one dog.

Pavilion Runs
Once upon a time we had open top grassed runs for our pooches, but as demand for our services grew we found that grass became unhygienic and way too difficult to maintain, not to mention restricting us to which dogs we could exercise. So preferring to maximize the time that our dogs spend OUTSIDE their kennel, we decided to improve our facilities with the introduction of our pavilion areas.

These pavilion runs are up to 15m long, roofed and enclosed to provide protection from the elements and maximum safety. This have proven to be very successful over the years. No matter the weather or your dog’s social skills, we can have them out of their kennels for much longer periods than ever before!

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All our social pooches big and small benefit from interacting with one another whilst in boarding. Our experienced staff will find your dog a suitable playmate or play group and ensure that you pooch enjoys their play dates! With the smaller breeds, several dogs may interact at once. With some of the larger dogs, the numbers are usually limited just to be sure that our experienced handlers can safely control their canine activities.

When it comes to playtime, we always try find friends of similar size and/or energy levels! We will also often have a puppy group or even one for just the "nannas"!

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Our Transport Services

Dear Clients,

Heads up! Our pet transportation service is currently hitting the pause button. Why, you ask? Well, we're so busy ensuring your pets are having a ball with us, we've had to redirect all hands, paws, and tails to focus on in-house care.

We're committed to providing top-notch snuggles and playtime, so while our wheels are resting, our team is in full pet-care mode. We hope this shift means even happier wagging tails and purrs at our facility.

Thank you for your understanding and for keeping us so popular! We promise our vehicles will be back on the move as soon as we can balance the zoomies with the road trips.

Kind Regards

Julies Kennels Management Team

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