Terms and Conditions


The Owner, Agent for Owner, or Guardian of the Pet(s) or Pets named and described in the Booking Contract acknowledges that they have read and agree to the Consents, Terms and Conditions as set out below.


Julie’s Boarding Kennels and Cattery Facility: “the Kennels”
Owner, Agent for Owner, or Guardian of Pet(s): “the Owner”
All Animal(s) Named and Described in the Enquiry/Booking Contract: “the Pet(s)(s)”
Rate Quotes Per Stay: “Fee Schedule”

The Owner accepts and agrees to all the Terms & Conditions and the Fee Schedule each time the Pet(s) stays at the Kennels.

By making payment of a requested deposit the Owner acknowledges that they have read and agree to abide by these consent, terms, and conditions.


Although the utmost care will be taken during the period of boarding the Kennels cannot accept responsibility for injury, death, loss or damage of any kind that may occur to the Pet(s) whilst in boarding or in transit.

The Owners/Proprietors of The Kennels will not be held legally responsible or liable for any misfortune or accident occurring to any person, whether adult or child, who attempts to touch any animal on the Kennels property.

It will remain the responsibility of the Adult who is in charge of any visiting minor to at all times supervise the minor’s care whilst on the Kennels property.


Daily Fees and Charges
All monies owing for the period of boarding must be paid in full prior to the Pet(s)’ departure from the Kennels.

The Owner agrees to pay the total amount due for the boarding of the Pet(s) at the Kennels for each period booked, being the fee schedule quoted for the Pet(s) as for each individual booking that the Owner may make.

The first day of boarding is charged for in full no matter what time the Pet(s) arrives at the Kennels.

For collection PRIOR to 10 am on the day of departure there will be no charge for the Pet(s) for that day. For collection AFTER 10 am on the day of departure an addition day’s boarding fee will apply for each Pet at the same rate as the fee schedule for the stay. (Exclusion: Minimum Two-Day Fee and Day Boarding - see below)

For stays in excess of 2 weeks duration boarding fee’s are required to be paid in advance on a fortnightly basis unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Minimum 2 Days Stay Fee
If the Pet(s) is booked in for an overnight stay a minimum of a 2-day charge is applicable. The Owner may choose to leave the Pet(s) for the second night at no extra charge, the above 10 AM departure deadline withstanding.

Day Boarding
The Kennels may from time to time agree to offer day care service. The Pet(s) will need to be admitted and collected within normal opening time UNLESS there is written expressed authorisation from the Kennels for afterhours appointments for EACH DAY or GROUP of DAYS.

Right To Refuse
The Kennels reserves the right to refuse any animal into boarding without offering reason.

Authorised Contact
Each Owner must be able to provide an emergency contact who is prepared and authorised BY the Owner to make decisions on the owner’s behalf in the event that the owner is unable to be contacted.

Social Media and Advertising
The Owner acknowledged that the Pet(s) may be videoed or photographed during the time of boarding by the Kennel’s Manager, Attendants or Media Team.

The Owner gives consent to the Kennel’s Proprietors Management and/or Media Team to use any media the Kennels may produce involving The Pet(s) for marketing activities.

If an Owner does not wish for any media containing images of the Pet(s) to be used in the purposes of advertising or social media campaign the Owner may choose to OPT OUT prior to the Pet(s) being admitted to boarding.

All Pets admitted to boarding are to be fully immunised with F3 or C3 vaccination that has been administered within the last 12 months and ideally not less than 10 days prior to boarding. Documentary proof is required prior to admission to the Kennels. Vaccinations must remain current for the period of boarding.

Items Supplied by the Owner
All items such as bedding, blankets, toys, etc must be clearly marked with the Pet(s) name and family surname. No liability will be accepted for loss of items. The Kennels will not be liable for items that the Pet(s) has damaged that have been supplied by the owner.

The Owner agrees there is no reduction in boarding fees if the Owners supply the Pet(s) food. Likewise, there will be no additional fee charged by the Kennels for administering to special diets UNLESS such additional fees are a special clause and clearly noted in the boarding contract.

Existing Medication Administration
All instructions for administration of medication are to be in writing and the Kennels Shift Supervisor will follow those instructions as closely as possible. All medication is to be clearly labelled with prescribed dosage. Administration of medication is charged in addition to quoted boarding fees and will be quoted on a case by case basis.


The Owner Agrees to Pay
In ALL instances whereby the Pet(s) may require veterinary treatment, the Owner hereby agrees to be responsible for all expenses incurred in such instances.

The Owner Agrees to Abide by the Kennels’ Judgment
If the Pet(s) is deemed to require veterinary treatment whilst in boarding the Owner agrees to abide by the judgement of Management/Owners/Proprietors and/or Shift Supervisor of the Kennels and herby agree to authorise consultation with a Veterinary Surgeon of the Kennels Choice.

Contact with The Owner
In non-emergency or non-life-threatening instances every effort will be made to contact the Owner, or the Owner’s nominated Emergency Contact for consent for treatment. However, if contact is unable to be made the Kennels reserves the right to authorise Veterinary treatment and to administer any prescribed medication in the absence of the Owner’s consent.

The Kennels’ Duty of Care
In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act the Kennels will always reserve the right to act in accordance with the duty of care of the Pet(s). This may result in veterinary opinion and/or treatment being provided without an owner’s expressed consent or against the Owner’s instructions. All fees and charges resulting from any and all treatment administered as provided as a result of Veterinary advice will be paid in full by the Owner prior to the Pet(s)s departure from the Kennels.

Owner/Emergency Contact Consent
Should emergency treatment be deemed necessary by the Consulting Vet where the Kennels are unable to contact the Owner, the Kennels will contact the Owner (or a nominated emergency contact) as soon as practical after treatment has occurred.

Transport to Vet
Where deemed necessary to seek veterinary advice the Kennels reserves the right to charge a nominal transport fee and that the fee will be charged to the current boarding account. All fees must be paid in full prior to the Pet(s)s departure from the Kennels.

Owners Duty of Disclosure – Pre-Existing Conditions
Disclosure of any pre-existing condition that the Pet(s) may have that may affect the Pet(s) whilst in boarding must be disclosed by the Owner prior to admission to the Kennels.

The Owner must inform their pets’ current consulting vet of their intention to board and must also provide consent for the Kennel’s consulting vet to have access to existing veterinary records.

Pets Over 10 Years of Age or with Chronic Health Conditions
The Owner must agree to provide all necessary veterinary information pertaining to their pet’s health. For very senior or geriatric pets the Owner should consider outcomes of natural causes and/or age-related health events that are more likely to seriously affect an aged pet. The Kennels reserves the right to documented in a separate consent agreement the level of care that the Owner is prepared for whilst in boarding.

INSULIN DEPENDENT PETS will not be accepted into boarding due to the adverse effects of stress may have on insulin levels.


Deposits (Online and Offline)
Deposit will need to be paid for each period of boarding as requested by kennels either via the Portal or any other means. Deposits will lock in rates as quoted for the relative booking period and are acknowledged as accepted by the Owner.

Once a deposit paid for a booking the Kennels guarantees that dates will be available for the relative period of boarding.

Deposits are non-refundable should the relative booking be cancelled at any stage.

Deposits are deducted from the relative boarding account upon payment of the balance of accounts.

Deposits are NOT transferrable between subsequent boarding period bookings or accounts.

ONLINE Booking Portal
When using the Online Booking Portal TO CONFIRM PLACEMENT the Owner agrees to pay a 10% deposit at the time of making each online booking. By paying this deposit the Owner acknowledges and accepts that they have read and agree to abide by these consent, terms, and conditions.

Each deposit paid for each period of boarding via the Online Booking Portal is accepted by the Kennels and a firm booking and the Kennels guarantee that dates will be available for the relative period of boarding.

If the Owner does not wish to pay a deposit at the time of the enquiry – the enquire will be subject to Offline “PLACEHOLDER” deposit terms.

OFFLINE “Placeholder”
Unconfirmed Booking Portal Reservations, Enquiries and/or Quotes that are NOT confirmed by payment of deposits at the time of enquiry, and/or bookings made via any other means including email, in person, via telephone are all each considered “Offline Bookings”.

Offline Bookings are offered on a “Placeholder” basis only. Bookings are not considered to be confirmed unless the relative requested deposit has been paid AND confirmed as received by the Kennels.

Placeholder timeframes will be made clear in all offers for bookings and will be dependent on the relative booking period.

Should deposits not be received withing the placeholder time frame the booking enquiry will be considered cancelled and the dates will be made available for booking;

The Kennels will request a 10% deposit of the total booking costs. Any deposit requested will be non-negotiable and will be required to be paid within the placeholder period as specified in the boarding offer.

Subject to Change
Advertised Fees and Charges are subject to alteration without notice. If the deposit had been paid or the booking enquiry is still within the placeholder time frame The Fee Schedule as quoted for the relative booking will not be affected by any change in advertised rates.

Payment of Boarding Account
Advanced or prepayment of boarding services or accounts is STRICTLY NOT PERMITTED. Should the Owner prepay for any boarding service or account fee against this policy advice whereby the booking is cancelled – the booking deposit will be forfeited and an additional administration charge of $50.00 will be deducted from any refund due.

All boarding fees must be paid on or before departure from the Kennels. Cash, EFTPOS and credit card facilities are available. Accounts may also be paid on admission – but any additional fees must be paid on or prior to the Pet(s) leaving the Kennels facility.

Bank Transfers are also accepted. If paying by bank transfer, funds must be cleared into the Kennels account prior to the Pet(s)’s departure date.

Payment Required Prior to Release to Transport Services
Where transport is required - payment for all outstanding boarding and associated invoices for the current boarding account must be received IN FULL and processed by the Kennels prior to the Pet(s) departure from the facility or collection by a third-party transport provider.


The Kennels’ Discretion
For all booking amendments requested by the Owner - deposit forfeiture will be enforced and/or daily rate changes will be applied to booking amendments at the sole discretion of the Kennels. Determination as to whether booking amendments will be “in keeping” with the original associated booking will be at the sole discretion of the Kennels.

Amendments “In Keeping” with Current Bookings
If date changes are deemed by the Kennels to be “in keeping” with the original booking – i.e. are within a similar date range and length of stay and number of pets boarding as the original booking - deposits MAY be transferred to the amended booking.

Amendments NOT “In Keeping” with Current Bookings
If date changes are deemed by the Kennels to be NOT “in keeping” with the original booking the Kennels reserve the right to deem the original booking cancelled and a new booking will be required. Cancellation of original bookings will result forfeiture of the deposit and a subsequent deposit for the new booking dates being requested.

Cancellation of One or More Pets Prior to Boarding
Should a booking be amended by the cancellation of one or more of the original number of pets booked prior to the commencement of the boarding period the Kennels reserve the right to apply a forfeiture of all or part of the deposit for that booking. The daily rate will be amended as appropriate whereby multi animal discounts that may have been offered will be revoked.

Length Of Stay Changes Causing Rate Amendments
Date changes prior to commencement of boarding that cause the length of booking to be shortened from the original dates may result in the daily rate being adjusted accordingly due to length of stay discounts being revoked.


Appropriate Notice Required For Early Pick Ups
For bookings of seven (7) days or greater in length: The Kennels require three (3) days’ notice for the early pick up of the Pet(s).  If three (3) days’ notice is not provided by the Owner, then the Kennels reserve the right to impose up to a three (3) day additional charge in lieu of appropriate notice IN ADDITION to any deposit forfeiture and/or rate change that may be imposed on the booking at the Kennels’ discretion.

Late Arrivals
If the Owner fails to deliver the Pet(s) on the agreed arrival date the Kennels will provide one (1) business day of grace after which the booking will be deemed to be cancelled and deposit forfeited.

The Owners agrees that it is their responsibility to ensure their booking arrival date is correct.

DEFAULTS: Non- Payment of Account and/or Failure to Collect

Right To Detain
Failure to pay boarding fee’s in full will result in the Pet(s) or Pets associated with the boarding contract being detained at the Kennels until full payment has been received.

Additional fees for boarding will accrue according to the schedule of fees UNLESS expressly authorised in writing by the Kennels. All subsequent fees accrued in addition to the original Boarding Contract must also be paid prior to the Pet(s)’s departure.

Any extension offered for care of the Pet(s) by the Kennel is subject to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety.

Right To Dispose Of
Pets left seven (7) days after the relative booking departure date will become the property of Julie’s Boarding Kennels & Cattery and will be dealt with accordingly UNLESS notice of extension of times is agreed to IN WRITING and all outstanding monies paid.

The Kennels reserve the right to dispose of the Pet(s) either by surrender to an Animal Charity or local Council Pound.

All monies owing shall remain payable by the Owner & legal proceedings for recovery may be instigated by the Kennels at the Owner’s expense.


Debt Recovery
The Owner agrees to pay all reasonable legal fees and or other fees or costs associated with debt recovery if the account is placed with a collection agency or attorney.

This Contract and any claim or action related thereto will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Western Australia, without regard to its conflict of law provisions.”

Forum Selection
Any party commencing against the other party any legal proceeding (including any tort claim) arising out of a boarding contract agreement must bring that proceeding in within a Metropolitan Local Magistrate Court in the State of Western Australia.

Jurisdictional Waiver
The Owner waives any and all of their rights to interpose any claims, deductions, setoffs or counterclaims of any nature in any dispute with respect to the Contract. Any claims, deductions, setoffs or counterclaims must be brought as a separate action subject to the choice of law, forum selection and jurisdictional waiver provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

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