Frequently Asked Questions

Inspection, Opening Times and Location

Can I inspect your facilities?
Of course! We encourage you to inspect our facilities prior to boarding your pet.
What are your Inspection Times?


Due to popular demand of our services, we unfortunatley have to restrict our inspection times to APPOINTMENT ONLY. Time of availability are;
Mon to Friday:12 noon to 2 pm.
Saturday: 11 am to 12 noon
Sunday and Public Holidays: CLOSED

For urgent bookings appointments to view over school holidays may be available but otherwise we like to be able to focus on the care of all the extra pets in boarding during school holiday times.

Please make sure you contact our Reception Team on 63104500 and we will happily schedule a viewing appointment.

What is the best time to drop off pets?

We are open for admissions and collections

Monday to Friday from 9am - 3pm.
Saturday from 9am - 12 noon

However – as there is no charge for departures prior to 10 am, it’s always busy first thing! So, if you are able, the best time to drop off your pet is between 10am and 12noon. That way too, we get to spend the whole afternoon with your pet.

What about After Hours?

Pets need time to settle into their new environment, which is why we only admit pets up until 3pm giving us time to spend with your pet. We are happy to make an appointment at a reasonable time prior to 9 am weekdays if you work or have other difficulty. You may also like to consider our transport service which is available 7 days a week. Feel free to ask for a quote for your suburb.

Sundays: Our office is closed to the public on Sundays unless in the event of emergency or if you are arriving from a distance. Sundays our team of attendants need to focus their attention on the pets in care. Not manning the office keeps costs of boarding down to everyone.

So as you are closed Sundays - who will look after my pet?

We do! Our attendants are available to meet all your pets' requirement on Sundays just as any other day!

The reception team are highly trained - but generally do not work on Sundays. So, without prior arrangement being made our offices and premises are closed in general to the public.

Are the premises attended after hours?

Yes. Our LIVE IN Caretaker lives onsite so there is always someone in attendance. Our team of attendants are rostered in shifts starting from 7am until 7:30pm - 7 days a week. Even longer during the warmer summer months! Your pets are not left unattended!

Where are your kennels located?

Centrally located in Malaga Julie's Boarding Kennels and Cattery are close to EVERYWHERE!!

Close to all main highway access points including Reid Highway Tonkin Highway and Mitchell Freeway, only 15 minutes from Perth Airport and close to Perth City CBD - or we can come to YOU!

See our transport section for more information.

Boarding in General

Can I accompany my pet into the boarding facility?

Except for inspections times all admission to the general kennel area of the facility is restricted. There are several reasons for this, some which you may find them interesting!

For more information please see our News Section for the related article.

Please arrange your inspection prior to boarding.

What if my pet is on medication?

We will administer your pet's medication whilst he/she is boarding just as you would at home and for simple requirements this will be included in the daily fee, However for more complex medication regimes there could be an extra charge.

Please discuss your pet’s medication requirements with our team when making a booking.

If your pet is on medication make sure that instructions are clearly written out and the dose is clearly labelled.

Please inform our admissions team as to exact nature of your pet’s complaint and who your regular veterinarian is.

You should contact your vet and advise them your pet is going into boarding and authorise to discuss your pet with our consulting vet in the unlikely event that this becomes necessary.  

We DO NOT accept insulin dependent pets, nor pets that require medication by injection.

What happens if my pet becomes ill whilst in boarding?

We have an attending veterinarian who routinely visits once a week. If there are any minor concerns, sometimes they can be attended to at the facility, otherwise we will arrange a consult at the clinic. In most cases we will already have attempted to contact you prior to this occurring.

If there is an emergency (such as sudden collapse or pain) we will of course endeavour to also make contact, but first and foremost ALWAYS the wellbeing of the animal, and if we cannot contact you we will proceed with treatment as advised by the consulting vet. You will be responsible for all vet bill incurred by treating your pet on your behalf. (See our Terms and Conditions).

Bookings, Rates and Payments

Do you give Discounts for long term boarding, FI/FO, or if we have more than one pet?

Yes, we do! Boarding rates are reduced the longer your pet(s) stay!

We generally give discounts if you board more than one animal. We are also happy to give personalized quotes on any bookings over one month.

We may also offer VIP rates and FI/FO discounts for regular social boarders; your loyalty is rewarded!

Each booking is unique, and your rate will be quoted when you book so there is no confusion. Rates may be subject to change without notice. Please call our office for a general indication of our daily fees.

Boarding pets based on no accommodation or that have no end date, incur special conditions and a bond is required. please discuss this in full with our reception staff.

How and when do I pay?

We accept EFTPOS and most credit cards, or of course cash on admission or on collection. If you book for longer than two weeks you will generally be asked for a deposit.

You can also pay by internet transfer, but please arrange for funds to be cleared prior to departure.

If your pet is being delivered home, you will be required to settle your account prior to transport.

Do you require Deposits?

Yes. A 10% deposit is required when booking online for all bookings.

Payment of deposit will confirm your booking and reserve the accommodation for the dates selected.

Please note, any changes to the length of stay for the booking and/or animals booked in after deposit has been paid could alter the daily rate quoted.

Deposit's paid are non-refundable and non-transferrable should your booking be cancelled or new dates requested.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

If I fill out a boarding form am I obligated?

No! Absolutely not. You can provisionally book at any time simply by filling out our online form.

When you submit a booking form, it is always treated as an enquiry, to which you will be provided with a quote and any deposit requirements and conditions that may be applicable to your dates.

For placements offered online, a 7 day placeholder will be added to our system reserving your dates. If placement is not required, no problems. Simply advice our reception team and we will cancel your booking.

Once the deposit has been paid, you have acknowledged and accepted our Terms and Conditions and your booking will be confirmed and dates secured.

I would like to inspect prior to booking, should I still book online?

YES!! You are most welcome to book subject to your satisfactory inspection. Again, unless a deposit has been paid, you are under no obligation to our facility prior to your pet's admittance.

If you think you may want to go away over a peak period, please make sure you inspect well ahead of time, as we may not be able to hold dates in to wait for you to inspect. You may end up having to pay your deposit to hold your dates, even if you wish to confirm on inspection.

I keep calling but always get the answer service. Why is that?

Animals can be unpredictable and sometimes we just can't stop to answer the phones safely. Or perhaps the office staff have been called upon to assist an event in the kennels or cattery, or conduct an inspection, thus the office may be unmanned for a brief period. If you do not wish to leave a message, please feel free to try again at 10-15 minutes intervals, your call will be answered!

If you have left a message, we attempt to return calls throughout the same day as messages are received. If you do not receive a return call within 24 hours something has gone wrong! Please call again, and also feel free to enquire online.

Sundays the phones are not manned so please leave a voicemail. Otherwise you should expect a return call the next day.

FAQs relating to dogs

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes. Vaccinations are compulsory and certificates will need to be sighted on (or prior to) arrival if, we do not have a current vaccination on file for your pet.

Keep your certificate in a safe place and make sure your vet updates it at each yearly vaccination booster.

Your dog will require a C3 vaccination to be allowed into play group sessions. A minimum of C3 is mandatory to protect against the deadliest of diseases but C5 is strongly recommended.

Vaccinations should be administered at least 10-14 days prior to boarding your pet. If you are in doubt feel free to talk to us or your veterinarian about these requirements.

What Should I Bring for My Dog?

You do not need to supply anything other than current a vaccination certificate for your canine friend; we have everything they will need from raised beds and blankets, food and water bowls, and toys. If you don’t have a copy of your latest pet’s vaccination certificate please contact your vet to organise one before you bring your pet to board with us.

Bedding: For the purposes of keeping track of everyone’s belongings, unless it’s deemed to be disposable, please only one item of bedding per pooch! Doonas, pillows and even larger blankets are difficult to wash and dry so please leave them at home. Please – NO BEAN BAGS or glass items.

Please make sure you bring your dog on a lead, however as we have a “no jewellery in the Kennels” policy you will be asked to take your dog's collar and lead home with you.

Will you accept my vicious brute?

Yes on conditions. For the safety of all concerned please advise us on booking that we need to be expecting a “red zone” pooch, so that we can be prepared. You MUST supply a muzzle for your dog, and you MAY be requested to escort him or her to their kennel. This would be the only time an owner is permitted to accompany their pet into the kennel area.

We DO NOT guarantee to attempt to handle a vicious brute so these pets may always need to remain kennelled. Our kennels are designed so that we do not have to be in the same section as your unsociable pooch whilst we attend to cleaning and feeding. This can be done with absolute safety to our staff and your pooch.

If your carnivorous canine settles to a level where we are comfortable in handling him or her, then our secure pavilion exercise areas are invaluable for safely exercising your unruly pooch :)

I have more than one dog, can they stay together?

Generally YES! We have double kennels to accommodate your duo. It is routine to separate dogs sharing a kennel at feeding time, to ensure that each get their fair share, and reduce the risk of food fights! However if were feel that your dog's seem to require more room then we will reserve the right to separate them to a kennels side by side, but of course we will still exercise them together.

If you have more than 2 dogs, please feel free to discuss available kennelling options with us!

FAQs relating to cats

Does my cat need to be vaccinated and what are the requirements?

Yes. Vaccinations are compulsory and certificates will need to be sighted on (or prior to) arrival, if we do not have a current vaccination on file for your pet.

Keep your pet’s certificate in a safe place and make sure your vet updates it at each yearly vaccination booster.

Your cat will require an Fe3 vaccination to be allowed into our communal areas. A minimum of Fe3 is mandatory but Fe5 is strongly recommended.

Vaccinations should be administered at least 10-14 days prior to boarding your pet. If you are in doubt feel free to talk to us or your veterinarian about these requirements.

What Should I Bring for My Cat?

Vaccination Certificate: Please make sure your pet has an UP TO DATE vaccination card. If you don’t have a copy of your latest pet’s vaccination certificate, please contact your vet to organise one before you bring your pet to board with us.

Crate: Most owners know to transport their cats safely in crates and we thank you all for doing so. For transport to the cattery we will ask you to leave the crate with us, so please label your crate with your cat's name and your surname prior to admission.

What you MAY bring: If your cat is on a special biscuit diet like Eucanuba Hill or Science, and you would like them to stay on that whilst in boarding you are welcome to supply the diet for them.

What you MAY NOT bring: Doonas, pillows and even larger blankets are difficult to wash and dry so please leave them at home. Please – NO BEAN BAGS, glass or own food bowls.

I have more than one cat, can they stay together?


We have a range of unis that are suitable for multi-cat families. As long as we are satisfied that EACH of your cat's are eating well and doing all the things they should do, we are only too pleased to keep them together.

However, we do reserve the right to separate any kitty we feel needs that extra attention until they have settled back into a comfortable routine.

Transport Services - Local, Domestic and International

Do you pick up and deliver pets from our home?


We are happy to arrange to pick up and deliver your pet. We have a duty driver available for your convenience from 7.30 am until 6.30 pm (leaving the facility). Vaccination papers will be sighted on collection, or you can email prior to admission.

Our drivers will give you a courtesy call before leaving. To avoid delays and extra charges, your cats(s) must be ready IN THEIR TRANSPORT CRATES, ready for collection.

Airport Transport Requirements - Domestic and International

Domestic and International Pet collections and departures have a different set of requirements, dependant on which Carrier your pets are flying with and if your pet's are flying accompanied or un-accompanied.

In all cases, please make sure that Julies Boarding Kennels and Cattery had been listed with your Carrier as an authorised agent for hand-over of your pet(s).

Once our team has received flight details, transport times and location for admin and departure, we can take care of the rest :)

Can I accompany my pets in your vehicle?


Our insurance does not extend cover to your personal injury, so under no circumstances will we be able to assist you with personal transport.

You are welcome to meet us at the kennels during our normal office hours if you wish to see your pets before they are admitted into boarding, but you will not be permitted to accompany your pet to or from within the boarding facility (see Boarding In General FAQ for more details).

Can I Accompany My Pet to the Facility from the Airport After Hours?


It is a matter of general precaution that our facility remains secured and all clients’ pets protected during after hour’s operations, and free from risk of disturbance to routine. It is not a simple matter for such a facility as ours to open at irregular times to the public, as security measures must be adhered to. It is for everyone’s safety and also for consideration for the people who live in attendance on site who may not be on duty!

Thank you for understanding.

Veterinary Clinic Transport

Transport to and from our consulting vet's clinic is free of charge.

However, if you wish your pet to be transported to a veterinary clinic of your choice you must arrange that prior to or on arrival and be aware of the possible transport costs.

Please feel free to ask for a quote.